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Ursula has appeared on TV and radio and been featured extensively in the media promoting hypnosis and the use of hypnotherapy for treating a wide variety of conditions and for personal development. Her hypnosis books You Can Be Amazing and You Can Think Yourself Thin have also been featured in numerous articles, as well as her novels The Source - A Manual of Everyday Magic and The Soul MidwifeShe has also written several articles and research papers for scientific journals.

August 2022

Virtual Reality Hypnotherapy Trial to Help Students Manage Stress

In conjunction with the Students’ Union, St George’s trialled the use of virtual reality (VR) hypnotherapy to help students manage stress.

St George's University of London

April 2023

Tempus Magazine

Ursula's 'Mind Massage' hypnosis session is featured in the Out of the Ordinary wellness feature in April's edition of Tempus Magazine.

Out of the Ordinary feature


November 2022

Jump Seat Confidante - Crew Radio

Ursula spoke to Becci Tucker from Crew Radio about inner voices, the Petrified Voices podcast, and her book 'The Source - A Manual of Everyday Magic'.

Crew Radio on Mixcloud


October 2022

Innovations in Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in Practice

Ursula was featured as a guest on The Inquisitive Wren Podcast, talking about a wide range of topics including hypnotherapy, her book "The Source" and the HypnoSOS podcast.

The Inquisitive Wren Podcast


March 2022 

Best books to help you manage anxiety and stress (Our favourites)

"You Can Be Amazing" is featured on the You Well health and wellness website

You Well


July 2021

'Who cares for the carers?' by Ursula James

An article for Project Wingman focussing on the importance of looking after yourself when you are caring for others, and the benefits of using the HypnoSOS podcast.

WingTips magazine


May 2021

The HypnoSOS podcast is listed as one of the 20 Best UK Anxiety Podcasts of 2021 by Best Startup UK

Best Startup UK


April 2021

'Stress SOS' regular column 'Ursula shares how the gut and stress are linked – and why combatting one can help the other.'

Top Santé


March 2021

'Stress SOS' regular column 'Simple ways in which you can find calm as spring approaches.'

Top Santé


17th February 2021

HypnoSOS hypnosis podcast interview with Maria Lopiano for Radio Wey



February 2021

'Stress SOS' regular column 'Simple ways you can improve your relationship this Valentine’s Day.'

Top Santé


January 2021

'Stress SOS' regular column 'Shake off stress and start the year feeling calmer'

Top Santé


December 2020

'Stress SOS' regular column 'Seven ways to make the festive season as stress free as possible'

Top Santé


November 2020

'Stress SOS' regular column 'Seven simple ways to find a little calm amid the storm'

Top Santé


August 2020

Anxiety UK’s Calm Club Anxiety Relief Sessions

Anxious Times


17th August 2020

Life Lessons By...Ursula James

Top Santé


July 2020

Ursula was interviewed by Mandy Morrow on the launch day of Crew Radio.

Crew Radio on Mixcloud


25th May 2014

How Ursula starts her day!

Sunday Times of India


July 23 2013

Ursula's appointment as Visiting Professor of Clinical Hypnosis at Robert Gordon University resulted in several press articles:
Aberdeen's Press & Journal
Aberdeen's Evening Express
The Scotsman
Scottish Daily Mail
The Sun


July 2013
Ursula is looking at nurse education and an MSc in Hypnosis.
Nursing Standard


13th March 2011
Relaxation can lead to conception and Ursula James can help you with that!
The Sunday Post


Spring 2011
Ursula, a patron of Anxiety UK, was agony aunt for their magazine.
Anxious Times


27th January 2011
Full page article about phobias by Ursula James
Daily Mail


October 2010

A confidence-boosting trick from Ursula, for when you need it.
Woman & Home


Summer 2010

Hypnotherapy advice for fitness training - an article written by Ursula James.
Running Fitness


April 2010
"I lost it my way" - how to lose lots of weight using Ursula's CDs and books.

Sainsbury's Magazine

February 2010

Big article about the top 10 questions regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Top Sante


11th November 2009
Ursula's book on hypnosis... helps you sleep!
Evening Standard


November 2009
A wonderful review of Ursula's book 'You Can Think Yourself Thin'.
Natural Health


August 2009
Ursula treats a woman with claustrophobia.
Top Sante


14th July 2009

10 tips to improve your friendships - Ursula makes several contributes to a list of ways to improve friendships.

Times Online - Life & Style


Summer 2009
Incorporating Hypnosis into Midwifery - Article by Ursula James.
The Practising Midwife July/August 2009 (Volume 12 No 7)


April 2009

Ursula helps a lady get rid of her thyroid tumours.
Natural Health


February 2009

Change your mind about hypnosis...
Jewish Chronicle


New Year 2009

Ursula is the expert on food in the new year.
Take A Break


4th January 2009
Things you don't know about...Hypnosis.
You Magazine


18th October 2008
Ursula discusses the importance of research in the future of hypnotherapy.
New Scientist


September/October 2008
Review of Ursula James' book 'You Can Think Yourself Thin'.
CAM Lifestyle Magazine


October 2008

Relax and learn French.
FRANCE Magazine

September 2008
Ursula tells you how she changed her life!
Top Sante Magazine


July 2008

Think Yourself Thin...and learn French.
French News


7th July 2008

Confessions of a compulsive eater: Ursula helps Tanya Gold.
Daily Mail

15th March 2008
'Hypnotise your way to success' enables St George's to recognise one of their lecturers.
George's News - Newsletter for St George's Medical School, University of London


New Year 2008

Helping you to a better life with Ursula's book 'You Can Be Amazing'.
Take a Break Magazine: Special New Year issue - 2007-08


29th October 2007

10 ways to think yourself slim

Daily Mirror


Following Ursula's TV show 'Sex, Lies and Hypnosis', she appeared in many magazines. The best article however was in Stella magazine.


15th July 2007

"Can Hypnosis Save Your Marriage?" Ursula uses her relationship therapy magic on a journalist and her partner.



June 2007

20 Hypnotherapist secrets! from Ursula James.

Top Sante


6th May 2007

Think your way to a better life - with Ursula's book 'You Can Be Amazing'.

YOU magazine


May 2007

Ursula changed the life of Lorraine Flaherty.

Red magazine


February 2007

Ursula is the only therapist to get 10/10 in the chocoholic treatment challenge!

Top Sante


Christmas issue - 2006/2007

Ursula helps women to conceive and to have a happy pregnancy. Real-life story included.

Flying Start Magazine


August 2006

Ursula provides the "H is for Hypnotherapy" entry in the UK's top health magazine.

Healthy Magazine


22nd July 2006

Ursula contributes to seven ways to ensure you are prepared for flying - the phobia factor.

The Guardian Weekend Magazine


July/August 2006

A complete focus on flying phobia treatment by Ursula James, with full case study.

Reflective Image Magazine - Issue 5


10th June 2006

Ursula helps the journalist to get pregnant, and she reports on the subsequent assistance with sleeping.

Saturday (the Daily Express) Magazine


June 2006

The SUCCESS candle has an excellent effect in conjunction with the Health & Wellbeing CD.

Top Sante Magazine


18th April 2006

A centre, double-page spread about Ursula's success treating unusual phobias.

Daily Mirror


25th February 2006

Details of Ursula's success in treating various conditions including teenage self-harm and a benign tumour.

The Weekly News Front page & Article


8th January 2006

A colleague of Sarah Stacey reports on her experience of consulting Ursula James, and using her hypnotherapy CDs for follow up.

You Magazine


January 2006

Ursula talks about how she took control of her life and turned it around - and became the most professional hypnotherapist in Great Britain.

Woman & Home Magazine


28th November 2005

'I was hypnotised into having a baby' says Andrea. Ursula James provided fertility treatment via hypnosis, resulting in not one but two separate, successful pregnancies for Andrea.

New Magazine


26th November 2005

Reveal has an 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' Health Special featuring Ursula's successful treatment of Ellie's fear of flying (aerophobia).

Reveal Magazine


14th September 2005

Now 'Mind & Body' carries out a thorough investigation of the fear of flying following the tremendously successful treatment by Ursula, of their patient.

Now Magazine


9th September 2005

Metro 'Travel' investigates flying phobias. Ursula meets a patient and successfully treats her.



September 2005

Ursula uses hypnotherapy with a stressed-out executive to get some balance back in her life.

Red Magazine


13th April 2005

Response to an enquiry in Dr Mark Atkinson's regular and popular 'Alternative Health Solutions' page in the magazine.

Now Magazine


30th January 2005

Mention of Ursula's approved CDs for dealing with phobias and anxiety issues, in an investigation into arachnophobia and other phobias, by Sarah Stacey in her 'Health Notes' page.

You Magazine


Ursula was featured in the media related to her book 'The Source - A Manual for Everyday Magic'.


August - October 2012

Ursula James's Mystic Masterclass for Spirit & Destiny Magazine

Part 1 - Connecting with your Spirit Guide

Part 2 - How to Manifest Luck


March 2012

Mother Shipton's Magic and Me

Spirit & Destiny


October 2011

Spells in the City - Hallowe'en Special featuring Ursula James

Soul & Spirit


June 2011

Ursula's book, The Source, is book of the month.

Soul and Spirit


12th March 2011

Article discussing Ursula's new book 'The Source - A Manual of Everyday Magic'.

The Weekly News


March 2011 - November 2011

Ursula gives expert advice each month about the lunar phases and their impact on your life for Soul & Spirit Magazine

March 2011

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011

August 2011

September 2011

October 2011

November 2011


February 2011

The Magic of the New: Ursula discusses her forthcoming book The Source - A Manual of Everyday Magic with Tom Evans of Lightworker magazine.

Lightworker Magazine


January 2010 - February 2011

Ursula gives expert advice in Soul & Spirit magazine every month.

January 2010

February 2010

March 2010

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

February 2011



research & articles


24th September 2009

Practical Uses Of Clinical Hypnosis In Enhancing Fertility, Healthy Pregnancy And Childbirth

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice


October 2008

A commentary on the launch of the MSHA

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice


18th October 2008

Ursula discusses the importance of research in the future of hypnotherapy.

New Scientist


What is hypnosis... really? by Ursula James.

The BHMA's Journal of Holistic Healthcare: Volume 3 Issue 1 - February 2006


The effect of mental stress on the non-dipolar components of the T wave: modulation by hypnosis

Psychosomatic Medicine: 2005 May-Jun;67(3):376-83


Single-session hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

European Journal of General Practice: June 2002, Volume 8


Skin - The Mirror of our Emotions

HypnoGenesis - Magazine for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy