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HypnoSOS is a regular hypnosis podcast with 100+ episodes and over 420,000 downloads.


Each episode is a mini-hypnosis session which starts with an introduction about how get the most benefit (which you can feel free to skip through once you have heard it once), and some details about the contents of the hypnosis session. You can then close your eyes, relax, and have a mini-break from the stress around you. You can listen to each episode as often as you need to.


Please – do not listen to these audios when doing anything else – especially driving. This is very important.

In May 2021 the HypnoSOS podcast was listed as one of the 20 Best UK Anxiety Podcasts of 2021 by Best Startup UK

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Reviewerly, 24/02/24


Wonderful and so helpful

I find these recordings extremely helpful. What astonishes me about Ursula James’ hypnosis podcasts and recordings is how the guidance is pared down to the essentials so that the topic can speak to a broad group of individuals, even though our individual, specific experiences vary widely. Clearly a lot of thought goes into these. Really wonderful, and I’m very grateful.


I’d love a topic on walking past one’s pesky inner critic. :-)

becksan79, 04/11/23 (Spotify)


Wow! It was exactly where I was & what I needed to hear due to a trauma triggered immense frustration. Thank you so much. This was very healing. It even gave me an insight to share with my therapist.

(#124 Letting Go Of Frustrations)

Cindy21416 from Belgium, 30/09/23


Life saver

I have been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety which lead to insomnia, and this podcast have helped me to go back to sleep and recover during those difficult times. Thanks!

macaif from Ireland, 14/09/23


Perfect Tone

Have been listening for a year now, Ursula’s delivery calms, inspires and relaxes me every time. Best hypnosis podcast around. Thank you Ursula.

Camie, 21/07/23 (Podbean)


HypnoSOS is an amazing podcast. And this particular Be In The Moment appears to have brought me a veritable miracle. Dear Ursula James, please accept my heartfelt gratitude. I so much appreciate your healing talent, skill and experience.

bozzow83, 26/08/23 (Spotify)


I found it very useful. It helped me calm my anxiety and made me feel good and optimistic about my life.

(#7 Let Go of Anxiety)

Jenna Ormel, 04/11/23 (Spotify)


I have been listening to these almost daily.
They're helpful and i quite enjoy them. The feeling is a positive sensation.

Tyler, 17/09/23 (Spotify)


Never remember to say it at the time because I fall asleep (as I intend to!) but I’ve come to actively look forward to your new episodes every Friday :) Really great.

Yurt Worm from Australia, 19/06/23 



Listen to this on train in morning before work. On the days I do it things go better. I am calmer. This show helps me a great deal. Such a small amount of time listening makes such a big difference to how I feel. Thank you Ursula for sharing it with us all.

KelliMorrison, 23/07/2023 (Spotify)


I love these sessions

Thank you for sharing.

bozzow83, 11/09/2023 (Spotify)


It felt so good! Replace anxiety with excitement! I will definitely try it😃.

Jason Horvath, 05/2023 (Spotify)


I really enjoyed this episode

Thank you so much for making it. Your voice is so soothing. I will definitely be listening to this one again and I want to check out your other material.

Borucca, 03/02/2023


SOS Hypno - Wonderful!

No words can describe what I have been going through. Particularly being a person who tends to deal with situations it's been a tricky time addressing hurtful situation to myself and other family members dealing with something which was totally out of my control. Ursula thank you for introducing me to these sessions it's been invaluable and I thoroughly enjoy them ! Although not sure if I should be doing them one after the other as I found I'd slept through a few one night ..albeit they were sequential ones..starting with sleep before I woke up feeling very refreshed at 2:20am although I only got to bed at 1am! 🤣Have already recommended to friends and work colleagues!

TrickyMicky2, 06/11/2022


Forever grateful

It seems amazing that these fantastic short sessions are FREE. These have helped me negotiate and handle some difficult and distressing times. Ursula’s voice is so comforting - like listening to an old friend. The sleep ones are especially great - I have a request though … could you do a sleep one which concentrates on helping us to stay asleep and not wake up please ? Thank you thank you

Clara Holmes, 09/10/2022


Great resource!

Ursula provides expert mini-sessions for a variety of issues. You’re getting REAL hypnosis from a highly qualified practitioner with many years of experience. Amazing resource at your fingertips!

Breathwithin, 07/10/2022



These deep hypnosis are very beneficial.

ZMWLondon, 23/11/2021


Easy to use and effective

Perfect for providing instant relief in under 15 minutes and changing the way you think about problems. There’s something to suit everyone’s needs here, so experiment until you find what works for you. I’ve recommended them to many people, including stressed students.

laaaaay jjjjjj from United States of America, 03/03/2023


Thank you so much


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

gperiklis, 14/02/2021



Very good way to relax and bring back focus to your life especially during these difficult times we are enduring.

aigno, 15/12/23


The best for relaxation and sleep

I’m so glad I discovered these recordings! I love the ones for relaxation and for sleep. #58 Best Relaxation Ever really lives up to its name. I do it anytime that I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed or just off.


I would love a version of #58 that is a little bit longer, maybe 20 minutes. I love the way I feel at the end, and would like to stay in it a little bit longer before being taken out of the hypnosis.

AbiTotes from United States, 31/08/23


Love this! A majorly helpful tool in my daily routine

I listen to these episodes quite often and they help me with so many aspects of my life! Thank you for creating so many varied, incredibly rejuvenating and healing hypnosis sessions! So useful, and I’m quite grateful to you. Not sure if you’ve made one of these, but a hypnosis to calm, ground, and center while feeling overwhelmed would very much help me. Thank you!

Bostonfans5 from United States, 26/05/23


The only hypnosis podcast I listen to

I tried them all and this one is the best hypnosis podcast by far. Her topics are so helpful and I feel better each time I listen! Today I listened to the one on Procrastination and I feel ready to tackle some old projects today - at least to get started! Thank you 🙏

Starscuba from United States, 05/04/23


Helpful, and easy to listen to

Helpful, and you can listen to these while doing other things, like an easy ride on the Peloton.

Cheryl, 09/08/2023 (Spotify)


Thankyou for creating these sessions

They have helped me greatly and I appreciate the time and effort on your part.

Cohen, 07/09/2023 (Spotify)


Between working full time as a director of a charity and being a mom of two teenagers I listen to this episode often and it helps me find the energy to keep up with all the things! Thank you so much!

(#50 Boost Your Energy)

Boot, 31/07/2023 (Podbean)


Very relaxing and powerful help - thanks!

Maria observing life, 02/07/23 (Spotify)


Loved it!!

I've been listening to all the episodes over the past six months since I’ve discovered Ursula! They’ve helped me so much! I’ve shared it with many of my friends! ❤️❤️❤️

Penny Liddallcable, 03/2023 (YouTube)


Wonderful resource

Thank you, Ursula, for your generosity, compassion, and skill...I love your voice! It is extremely soothing and easy to let go while relaxing...Thank you so much! I have benefited greatly from your Spotify podcasts.

rubydeville, 19/03/2022


Deep sleep

I thoroughly recommend this podcast, in fact, I’ve already sent the information to a friend. I found this podcast last night, and I’m so glad I did!. I have been having a very difficult time recently and felt very much in the throes of despair and dread. Both of the episodes I have listened to are exactly what I needed.

terrydabloke, 12/02/2021


Really helpful

This was really helpful and I love Ursula’s voice.

KakaMWF, 20/02/2021


Relaxing and Recharging

This series really helps to take time out and relax away from the stress and anxiety of living in a pandemic. They are deeply restorative; particularly recommend the sleep MP3 - works brilliantly.

Race rand, 28/11/2021



I was caught in a terrible cycle of worry and despair but after doing the worry less episode I was able to gain some perspective and calm. I can’t recommend this series enough. Thank you!


GTucker7, 07/06/2021


The perfect antidote to stress and anxiety

These episodes are perfect for restoring calm in this ever changing current situation. I can just take a short break and get some relaxation wherever I am. Highly recommended.

mrvica22, 12/03/2021


Ultimate Relaxation

Really happy with the series, and this cast is no exception. Most helpful. Ursula James is a master and truly gifted in her technique - calming and reassuring every step of the way. Thankyou.

Sidneysidewinder from Australia, 16/04/2022


Such a good hypnosis podcast

Soothing voice, no ads, just a great experience.

Empathy27, 21/10/2021


Perfect Podcast

Such a wonderful and useful podcast, I am certainly reaping the benefits of listening. Working in the NHS has been stressful to say the least, but to have a podcast that can help reduce my stress is a real lifesaver! Ursula’s calming voice will guide you gently to a safe place.

anotheremail_17, 05/2023 (Spotify)


I could listen to Ursula all day

Dsproducer, 05/02/2021


Just what I needed!

Fast, to the point, much needed break to get it together. Loved the authoritative , engaging and soothing voice of the host. This will be incorporated in to my daily work routine.

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If you have found the HypnoSOS podcast episodes useful, Ursula has produced a range of hypnosis audio mp3s to treat a variety of conditions and for personal development that you may find beneficial. Find out more here.