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HypnoSOS Podcast

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episode 16 - enjoy life

This short hypnosis audio will help you enjoy life to the full, so that when good things are happening you can really embrace them. It's a way of making sure you recognise that whatever else happens, you are in control of how you feel.

past episodes

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episode 15 - Peace

This episode will help you feel more at peace, more calm, and generally more able to deal with everything that is happening around you.

episode 14 - Motivation

This episode will help you get motivated and give you a little more energy and focus to get on with the things you need to do.

episode 13 - Letting Go

This short hypnosis audio will help you let go of the negative and strengthen your emotional boundaries.

episode 12 - Calm Your Anxiety (XL Edition)

This longer 30 minute hypnosis audio will help calm your anxiety and help you feel more relaxed whenever you need to.

episode 11 - Pure Relaxation

This episode is a short relaxation session to help you let go of stress and tension, leaving you feeling positive, rested and calm.

episode 10 - Anger Management

This short hypnosis audio will help you recognise your triggers and take control of your responses to situations that would normally cause you to get angry.

episode 9 - Feel Better About Life

This short hypnosis session will help you to feel better about yourself, what is happening, and remind you of your strengths so you are more able to deal with life in general.

episode 8 - Be Kind To Yourself

This episode concentrates on reminding you that you need to look after yourself, first and foremost. Only then can you help others properly.

episode 7 - Let Go Of Anxiety

This hypnosis audio will help you let go of anxiety and create feelings of calm.

episode 6 - Thinking More Positively

This short hypnosis session will help you begin to look forward to the future and start to think more positively.

episode 5 - Stress Management

This 10 minute hypnosis audio contains suggestions to help you let go of and manage stress.

episode 4 - dEEp sleep

Trouble sleeping? This 10 minute podcast will help you let go of stress, get some proper rest and to sleep deeply.

episode 3 - NEEDLE PHOBIA

This mp3 is for anyone who has anxiety about the thought of injections. It is 30 minutes long. Listen to it just before sleep, or when you wake in the morning, or at any time when you can be as undisturbed as possible.

episode 2 - covid calmer

A 10 minute hypnosis audio with suggestions for physical relaxation, mental clarity, positivity and the importance of being kind to yourself.

episode 1 - decompression zone

This MP3 is a 10 minute hypnosis audio for key workers which can be used in emergency circumstances if need be - just to get away from the madness and recharge yourself.

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