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I'm Ursula James and I’ve been a clinical and medical hypnotherapist for 30 years. I'm here to help you make positive changes in your life, quickly and easily.


Hypnotherapy can be used to stop smoking, and to treat a wide range of conditions including stress and anxiety, phobias and weight issues as well as helping you improve your self-esteem, motivation and confidence.


It is also very effective for treating problems such as obsessive-compulsive disorders, bruxism (teeth grinding), infertility, and helping with relationship issues. You can find a list of treatable conditions here, some of which can be helped by using my hypnosis mp3s.


In 2013 my passion for hypnosis resulted in being appointed the first - and currently the only - Visiting Professor of Clinical Hypnosis in the UK, at Robert Gordon University. I am also a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School.


If you are new to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you will find some useful information in the FAQs section, including what to expect in a hypnotherapy session.


As a patron of Anxiety UK, I am actively involved in providing practical solutions for using hypnosis to deal with the mental health issues people are currently experiencing due to the Covid-19 crisis.


All sessions are currently online.


I believe that making change is easy when you trust the person who works with you, and they work with you to achieve what you want. If you have any questions relating to any issues you would like help with - you can contact me.


What is hypnotherapy?

Ursula James is the only professor of hypnotherapy in the UK. Find out from her about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Sessions with hypnotherapist in London Ursula James

If you're considering a one-to-one session with Ursula, find out what to expect and all the relevant information.

Hypnosis mp3 downloads & books

Ursula has a range of MP3s, several books and a very special app. All of them are available in her online shop.

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20/11/2021: Hypnosis: How It Works To Stop Smoking In One Day

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you stop smoking, and it's possible in just one session.

You can find out more about booking a Stop Smoking session with Ursula here

Full article...

HypnoSOS Podcast

HypnoSOS Podcast with Professor Ursula James

The HypnoSOS podcast is a series of short, effective hypnosis sessions designed to improve your mental health and well-being, designed to give you a boost, some relief from stress or anxiety, and help you if you’re struggling to cope. Each episode is a mini-hypnosis session to allow you to have a mini-break from the stress around you wherever you are.


The podcast is available via the usual apps and YouTube or you can download the latest episode here.


The latest episode will help boost your confidence.

If you’re new to hypnosis and want to discover how it can help you, this FREE mini-course is the perfect introduction.

You’ll learn what it is, what you can use it for, and how to practice self-hypnosis.

Sign up here to get instant access.

anxiety & stress

Hypnotherapy is very effective in the treatment of anxiety and stress and helps you deal with things in a more controlled way.

stop smoking

Hypnotherapy can help you give up smoking. All it takes is one session to stop the habit for good with no side effects.

weight control

You can easily lose weight with hypnosis by adjusting your attitude towards food and removing emotional triggers.


If you suffer from a fear or phobia, it can successfully be removed using hypnotherapy, often in just one session.

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