“Once again thank you for everything, I would recommend yourself or hypnosis to anyone now I have experienced first hand the amazing benefits these sessions provide.”

Rachel DeCourcey, Sales and Service Co-ordinator - River Island

“The images that Ursula led me to visualise during my session were so powerful, so real that they touched, in the gentlest of ways, my deepest and most painful emotions.

The session has changed my view of the world completely. I am now a calmer and more focused individual who now finds time to nurture herself. I also invested in a couple of Ursula’s CDs and they have equally supplied me with some practical ways to deal with situations. It is comforting to know that Ursula is there should I feel the need in the future – I would not hesitate to make a session with Ursula my first port of call.

She is so warm and very professional.”

Jane Cameron


This as a life changing session. I really have been able to make significant changes to my health, wealth and most of all being able to create an happy environment.

I highly recommend this service their is no price that you can put on the speed of which this change can occur.

Thanks again for everything”

Mandi Aubby

“I had a session with Ursula to overcome a fear of having a specific medical procedure. I only needed one session and I can honestly say that any fears or anxieties that I had just disappeared - I was amazed!”

Anita O Neill

“Ursula James has utterly changed my life. I had an irrational addiction to chewing plastic (ridiculous I know), not only did Ursula totally stop this habit instantly, she also picked up on the root cause to my problem and thus also stopped my re-current issue with night terrors that had plagued me since childhood. I cannot explain how wonderful it is to be liberated from both these issues. I would 100% recommend a session with Ursula, she's absolutely wonderful.”

Richard Cook

“I was so pleased that I went to see Ursula. After going to see her my panic attacks were cured - and my life changed as a result. I would recommend her to anyone. Money well spent.”

Jennifer Connelly

“My experience with Ursula was very positive. I had been addicted to sugar for a long time and tried many other methods to break this habit. Ursula's 21 day 'brain reprogramming' and daily listening of her CD changed this completely and I now feel in control. So much so that I have gone back to her for help in a couple of other areas of my life, namely insomnia and claustrophobia.

Although this is not a cheap exercise, it definitely is worth it and that is why I would say that the level of the quality of the 'product' is exceptional, while the level of the service was very good.”

Suhan Hancock

“A hypnosis session with Ursula is always a lovely experience. She never fails to make me leave the appointment with a spring in my step and a renewed vigour and confidence.”

Curvy Girl

“Approximately nine years ago I was diagnosed with three tumours (one the size of a golf ball) attached to my thyroid. According to my specialist, I was faced with the prospect of having to undergo surgery to remove the right lobe of my thyroid. However, following approximately four hypnotherapy sessions with Ursula, I was delighted to find that there was no visual evidence of the tumours.”

Jane Hampton

“I absolutely feel that Ursula James is brilliant as since doing the hypnotherapy course i have now started losing weight. As an intelligent person we all know what to do in order to lose weight but we usually don't have the strength or the willpower to watch what we eat day in day out. We are also incapable of being careful about our diet for many different reasons.

To put it simply, you get 're-wired' and what this means is that behaviourally you are aware of what you need to do, and as an added bonus you start to think much more positively about yourself.

I cannot recommend this course and Ursula more strongly as there is little point going to diet clubs if you are unable to change your thinking and Ursula's course puts you on the right track.”

Irene Levin

“Ursula James is a generous, caring practitioner. When I was asked, in my capacity as broadcaster and presenter, to support her work there was no hesitation. She is honest, forthright, practical and consistent.

Through working with Ursula I have addressed issues that have crippled me throughout my working life.

Not only would I recommend her I would suggest that Ursula is put on the national health for everybody. She should be given – free of charge – to anybody who needs straightening out. I'm seriously considering sending her details to The Palace of Westminster.”

Jeni Barnett