hypnosis mp3s

Ursula has produced a range of downloadable hypnosis mp3s to deal with a wide variety of issues and to help with personal development and a selection of popular titles can be purchased below. The full range of titles is available in the Ursula James Store.


Learn how to take yourself into the physically relaxed and mentally focused state of hypnosis by yourself.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 17 mins)

Controlling Anxiety

Reduce anxiety. learn to relax and deal with situations that make you anxious, and breaks the habit of anxiety for good.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 24 mins)

Health & Wellbeing

Improve your physical, mental and emotional stamina. Deal with situations more calmly, and feel more in control.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 36 mins)

Alcohol Free!

Take control of your alcohol habit, be able to say no in social situations and become alcohol free.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 20 mins)

Stop Smoking

Break the habit in three weeks. This mp3 will also help you  prevent replacing cigarettes with food or anything else.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 22 mins)

Effective Weight Control

Weight loss without dieting made simple. Boost your motivation and metabolism, and reduce cravings. 


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 22 mins)

Needle Phobia

Is your fear of needles holding you back from having the vaccine? Reduce your anxiety let go of the fear for good.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 29 mins)

Better Sleep

Sleep deeply and and to let go of the stresses and strains which can disturb your sleeping pattern.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 22 mins)


Take back control of your feelings and be calm when you are faced with situations that may bother you.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 36 mins)

Be Confident!

Designed to give you the confidence you need in any situation, it will help you look, feel and act more confident.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 19 mins)

Stop Teeth-Grinding

Take control of your teeth grinding (bruxism), deal better with stress, and cope more effectively with life in general.


£9.50  (MP3 Length: 24 mins)

Get Motivated!

Motivation is the key to change. Get started, get on with it and keep going until you achieve your goal!


£9.50  (MP3 Length: 20 mins)

Germ Phobia

If your fear of germs, dirt or contamination is restricting your actions and ruining your life, this mp3 can help you.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 30 mins)

Germ Phobia hypnosis mp3
Fear of Spiders hypnosis mp3

Fear of Spiders

Remove your fear of spiders. You may never learn to love them, but you will take back control of your reactions.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 38 mins)

Fear of Flying hypnosis mp3

Fear of Flying

You will be able to get on a plane and fly, feeling calm, relaxed and in control - just the way you want to be.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 25 mins)

Confidence in Public Speaking hypnosis mp3

Confidence in Public Speaking

Take the fear out of public speaking, and feel completely in control.


£7.50  (MP3 Length: 26 mins)

hypnosos podcast

If you would like to listen to regular free hypnosis audios, designed to help improve your health and well-being, you may be interested in the HYPNOSOS podcast.


Designed to help alleviate stress, and help you cope better with the situations you are faced with, the podcast episodes are mini-hypnosis sessions which start with an introduction about how get the most benefit (which you can feel free to skip through once you have heard it once), and some details about the contents of the hypnosis session. You can then close your eyes, relax, and have a mini-break from the stress around you.


You can find more details of how to download or stream the podcast here.