professional training in clinical hypnosis

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, you can begin your journey by learning self-hypnosis. If you already are in the caring profession and you are interested in learning about clinical hypnosis as a professional tool, either as a stand-alone or an adjunct to your current clinical practice, you may like to look at the courses on this page. All training is online, and supported by experienced lecturers who teach this subject in medical schools.

training in clinical hypnosis

learn self-hypnosis

Learn self-hypnosis as a tool for stress management, anxiety reduction and relaxation.

An essential life skill.



Cost: Free module (closed for enrollment - currently oversubscribed)

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Clinical hypnosis certificate (level one)

Learn the foundation skills and techniques of clinical hypnosis. This covers all the basics to use this as a therapeutic tool for stress management, anxiety reduction and goal setting.



Cost: £600 (6 weeks)

Start date: 31st January 2022

Clinical hypnosis DIPLOMA (level TWO)

In which you learn hypnotherapy. This programme is condition-focussed and includes how to apply the certificate skills in a therapeutic context. Numerous protocols for various conditions including smoking cessation and phobias are included.


Online with personal tutor

Cost: £1800 (14 weeks)

Start date: 25th April 2022

Clinical hypnosis practitioner (level THREE)

In which you learn clinical hypnosis. This programme is client-centred and includes advanced therapeutic skills, including diagnostics and script creation. You will cover the full range of techniques available including dissociation, regression, IMR therapies. NLP techniques for therapeutic dialogue.


Online with personal tutor

Cost: £1800 (14 weeks)

Start date: 18th July 2022

Clinical hypnosis in the medical setting

In which you learn hypnosis, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis. This is a condensed version of levels one to three for those already in the medical/therapeutic setting. If your organisation is interested in upskilling your staff, contact me here:


On-site with lecturer and online material


Cost: £1200 (14 modules)

working therapeutically online

For therapy practitioners


This course will teach you how to conduct online consultations and facilitate Mind-Massage sessions for your patients.


Cost: £150

For your questions on training,  please email: