Learn from a professional trainer, at your own pace.

Ursula has taught around 5000 hypnotherapy practitioners and 1500 medical practitioners in the use of clinical hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, earning her the first Visiting Professorship in Clinical hypnosis in the UK.  She is also a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford Unversity Medical School and Founder member of the Association of Medical Educators.

Self-hypnosis course - £15

Learn how to safely take yourself into a hypnotic state.


With explanatory videos and mp3 audios you will learn how to do self-hypnosis, and what you can use it for.


You also get access to a forum where you can get any questions answered by Ursula.


  • What hypnosis is
  • The practicalities of self-hypnosis
  • Self-scanning
  • What to expect whilst in hypnosis
  • How to use self-hypnosis as a diagnostic
  • How to deal with distractions
  • How to get the most benefit
  • How to create positive suggestions for yourself